Bronco Redahan was raised in a military family and raised in Enterprise,  Alabama.  He learned to play guitar through southern baptist worship songs. He started touring with his first band in 2010 and moved to Nashville, Tennessee shortly thereafter.  There, he spent years songwriting and playing thought the golden age years of Nashville's Indie Rock Scene.  He performed everywhere from dirty venue basements to the vast country fields.  In 2022 he took the opportunity to hon in on his musical identity, sound and develop his skills as a solo artist. 

Bronco has released a handful of new music in 2023 and he will be recording, releasing and touring during 2024.  He is ready to launch his new vision with his single & music video  Tell Me Tell Me on May 17, 2024.

Bronco recently signed a development and publicicty deal with Nashville/New York based Publicity Nation. 

bronco redahan